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First Time Home Buyer Facts

Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable professionals can answer your title and closing questions and we are committed to making the home-buying experience a satisfying one for you. To help you begin your journey,

FSBO Tips On Filling Out the Colorado 2016 Contract To Buy And Sell Real Estate (Residential) Form CBS1-6-15; Mandatory 1/1/16 for Licensed Agents.

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by Michael Selinfreund, Esq., President/General Counsel of Cherry Creek Title Services, Inc. This article and video presentation are intended for educational purposes only and not as legal advice.  To view more educational videos on real estate and other related subjects

8. CLOSING DAY! Checklist for a Successful Closing

VALID PHOTO IDENTIFICATION Two forms of identification are typically required at closing, including one of the following: — Valid U.S. Driver’s License or non-driver I.D. — Valid Canadian or Mexican Driver’s License issued by the Official Agency — Current United

9. Mail Away Closing Tips

  Closing on time and to accommodate all parties involved in your closing, we may have to mail out closing documents. If you are involved in a closing that requires the mailing of documents, here are some tips to avoid

3. Link to Colorado Division of Real Estate Forms: Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate

Click Here for Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Residential)

4. Link to Colorado Division of Real Estate Forms and Disclosures

Click here for all Colorado Division of Real Estate Forms and Disclosures

5. What is Title Insurance?

As real estate is the nation’s largest market, its purchase and sale is essential to the health of the U.S. economy. However, these transactions are never without risk. That’s why title insurance has been protecting American homeowners for more than

7. What is Escrow?

“Escrow” is a term that describes the neutral third-party handling of funds, documents, and tasks specific to the closing (or settlement, as it is also known), as outlined on the real estate purchase agreement or sales contract. The purpose of escrow is to facilitate the


SEND CHANGE OF ADDRESS TO: Post Office Bank Credit card companies Friends and relatives Insurance companies — Life, health, fire, auto Automobile — Transfer of car title registration, driver’s license Utility companies — Gas, light, water, telephone, cable Arrange for any

6. Why Get Title Insurance?

Have you ever wondered why you need title insurance? Every property has a history and a thorough title search can help uncover any title defects tied to your property. And, subject to the terms of the policy, your title insurance provides