Additional Services

Cherry Creek Title Services, Inc. is a full service company providing title insurance and escrow services. Below is a list of additional services and miscellaneous fees:

Courier/Express Mail$   22.00
Public Trustee Lien Release$   28.00
Wire Fee$   25.00
Cashier’s Check$   10.00
Property Tax Certificate$   30.00
Loan Doc Retrieval (E-Doc)$   25.00
E-Recording (not including county fees)$     5.00
Closing Protection Letter per person$   25.00
Concurrent Second Loan Closing$  300.00
Tax Sale Closing$  500.00
Foreclosure/Short Sale Closing$  500.00
Foreclosure/Short Sale Processing Fee $1000.00
Disbursement Only Closing$  300.00
Construction Loan Inspection Fee$  250.00
Chain of Title$    30.00
Debt Consolidation Checks (5+)$     10.00